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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

SJA Overnight Ratings: The Last Sontaran - Part 1

Episode 1 of series 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures was broadcast on Monday and had an audience of 0.7 million, with a 6.3% share of the total TV audience, the ratings don't seem too good but they are quite impressive for the time slot. Watch on BBC iPlayer here.

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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures TV Trailer

A new TV trailer is airing across BBC channels

watch below

The Last Sontaran will air next Monday at 4:35pm on BBC1

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Friday, 26 September 2008

Radio 1 visits Who and Woody

This morning, the Chris Moyles show visited the Doctor Who and Torchwood Sets.
Here's some pictures

and some videos of the TARDIS, Supreme Dalek and John Barrowman

Also, a new Children in Need competition has opened during the show. Here's the trailer:

Click here to watch from the BBC site.. its alot clearer..

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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Digital Spy - The Last Sontaran

Hi, once again Digital Spy will be releasing fortnightly information on The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Each list of spoilers will have at least 1 false sentence.

The Last Sontaran - Part 1

The legendary Sarah Jane Smith and her young gang of fellow nosey parkers are back for more adventures. Like last year, a familiar foe from the Whoniverse is in town with a cunning plan for global domination. Can a lone Sontaran succeed where the Slitheen failed? Catch the impressive opening episode to find out, but here are a few spoilers - plus one red herring - to keep you going in the meantime.
  • Sarah Jane uses her sonic lipstick on a Sontaran ship.
  • Clyde and Luke use Mr. Smith for computer games.
  • The Rutans pop up during the episode.
  • Sarah Jane speaks to old friend Sir Alastair on the phone to find out a vital piece of information.
  • A Sontaran is accused of being a fan of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movie franchise.
  • A Predator-style cloaking device is deployed in Goblin's Copse
  • Maria's dad Alan receives a very important letter.

The Last Sontaran - Part 2

The stakes are high during the concluding part of the season's opening story, as Sarah Jane and her pals are holed up in the radio telescope centre. There's plenty of chasing around corridors to pad out the episode, but can you hunt down the red herring amongst the following spoilers?

  • Sarah Jane is shot.
  • One of Maria's parents doesn't survive the episode.
  • Luke has a gas problem.
  • Chrissy meets Mr. Smith.
  • A Sleeper Agent is on the loose.
  • Law Three of Sontaran Battle: Always have a Plan B.
  • A Sontaran's stumpy fingers are used to thwart the alien invader.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Christmas 08 Title

The title for the next episode at Christmas has been revealed by the BBC Press Office to be "The Next Doctor". This.. rather unimaginative title was first rumored by the Sun and the new "The Writers Tale" book.

David Morrissey plays this other Doctor and will air, well at Christmas..
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Friday, 19 September 2008

Series 4 Soundtrack

Siva Screen Records have released an image of the Series 4 Soundtrack.

I only know of 2 songs (from the cover) in the Soundtrack - Song of Freedoom, and The Doctor's Theme. All the music is written by Murray Gold, and conducted by Ben Foster and played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.
It should be out in shops by November.
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Christmas Special Spoilers

On the official site, Russell T Davies has revealed the beginning of Christmas Special.

"The Doctor arrives, hears a damsel in distress," says Russell. "The Doctor steps forward to save her... when this other man [to be played by David Morrissey] swings in, dashing, brilliant, amazing, clever, witty, saves the day. The Doctor says, 'Who are you?' The man says, 'I'm the Doctor!' Good scene. The Doctor becomes his companion. I like that. Sweet. There will be a beautiful woman too, of course, but really it's the Doctor paired with a new Doctor."

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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Doctor Who Magazine 400!

This months Doctor Who Magazine, celebrates 400 issues of time-travelling fun!

There are exclusive previews of the next series of SJA, a chance to win and see some of next years specials being filmed, Production Notes, interviews..... (deep breath..) Gallifrey Guardian, Public Image, DVD Preview, Audio Preview, Books Preview, Galaxy Forum, Comics, The Time Team, Out of the TARDIS, The Fact of Fiction, The DWM Review and Who on Earth is.. David Tennant!

All this and probably more in issue 400 of Doctor Who Magazine, out 18th September for £3.99

Doctor No. 11

Russell T Davies has revealed on the official site that he thinks Russell Tovey has "eleventh Doctor potential". Russell Tovey played Midshipman "Alonso" Frame in last year's Voyage of the Damned.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Nominations from Scream and Tony's Shadow Awards

The Scream awards 2008 recently nominated David Tennant for "Best Actor in a Sci Fi TV Show or Movie". You can vote for him here (or here to vote from the first category) against:

  • Robert Downey Jr
  • Harrison Ford
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Edward James Olmos and
  • Will Smith

David has been nominated again from TONY awards in the Shadow Emmy's for "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series".. He is against:

  • Kyle Chandler
  • Bruce Greenwood
  • Peter Krause
  • Christopher Meloni

Vote Here! Or here from the start..(scroll down to see category's)

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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Air Fresheners

Some new Doctor Who air fresheners have been released today. They are:

Cyberman head,
Gold Dalek,
and Dalek Sec.
They are £4.99 each and can be bought here, here, here, here and here!
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DWM 400 details

Doctor Who Magazines facebook page has updated with some infomation about their 400th issue. Heres what it said:

"The 400th issue of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE is almost here!
We're keeping the exact contents a secret for now, but we can promise you exclusive chats with executive producer Russell T Davies and the Doctor himself, David Tennant! There's also the biggest competition we've EVER run, a FREE double-sided poster, and EIGHT EXTRA pages, all for the usual price of £3.99! DWM 400 will be published on Thursday 18 September."

It will be on sale the 18th September and will be the usual cos of £3.99

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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Torchwood in England!

In the new issue of Torchwood magazine, it revealed that part of Torchwood: Children of Earth will be set party in England. John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd and Kai Owen will star, and will start in Spring next year.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures Press Pack Details

The Press Pack for the Sarah Jane Adventures has confirmed a bunch of information for Series 2. Firstly, here's the broadcast details:
  • The Last Sontaran
    Part One
    Monday 29 September 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
    Part Two
    Monday 29 September 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 6 October 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
  • The Day Of The Clown
    Part One
    Monday 6 October 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 13 October 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
    Part Two
    Monday 13 October 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 20 October 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
  • Secrets Of The Stars
    Part One
    Monday 20 October 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 27 October 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
    Part Two
    Monday 27 October 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 3 November 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
  • The Mark Of The Berserker
    Part One
    Monday 3 November 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 10 November 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
    Part Two
    Monday 10 November 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 17 November 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
  • The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith
    Part One
    Monday 17 November 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 24 November 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
    Part Two
    Monday 24 November 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 1 December 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
  • Enemy Of The Bane
    Part One
    Monday 1 December 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 8 December 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One
    Part Two
    Monday 8 December 5.15pm CBBC Channel
    Monday 15 December 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One

Next, synopsis' for the first 2 stories:

  • The Last Sontaran
    Written by Phil Ford, Directed By Joss Agnew

    Part One - Reports of strange lights around the Tycho Radio Telescope lead Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Maria into a terrifying forest encounter – and Sarah Jane comes face to face with her oldest enemy. Meanwhile Maria wrestles with a huge decision when her dad is offered a new job in America.

    Part Two - Sarah Jane and the gang have only 40 minutes to save Earth as Sontaran Commander Kaagh plots to bring the world's orbiting satellites crashing down on nuclear installations across the world. And Maria's Mum finally gets to the truth from Alan – but will they be in time to save Maria?
  • The Day Of The Clown
    Written by Phil Ford, Directed By Michael Kerrigan

    Part One - New girl in Bannerman Road, Rani Chandra, is being haunted by a sinister clown – does it have anything to do with the local children that have gone missing? When Clyde's friend disappears the trail leads them to a strange circus museum – and the legend of the Pied Piper!

    Part Two - Sarah Jane's investigation into Spellman and Odd Bob the Clown takes her to a meteorite at the Pharos Institute. But Spellman's plot to make all of Park Vale's pupils vanish leads Sarah Jane into a confrontation with her own childhood fears in a bid to save Luke.

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Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Doctor in SJA?

Hi, a very brief image of the back of a mans head who looks surprisingly like the Doctor's, appears in the cinema trailer for the Sarah Jane Adventures. Could it really be him? Lets hope so.

*thanks to "toys" for noticing this*

Friday, 5 September 2008

The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2 Cinema Trailer

A new trailer for the Sarah Jane Adventures has been placed on the official website and also, in cinemas.
The series will begin on 29th Septermber

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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

SJA Series 2 Promotional Pictures

Hi, a bunch of new promotional pictures have been released for the next series of The Sarah Jane Adventures:

Torchwood - Lost Souls Trailer

A new trailer for the new audio episode of Torchwood has been released. Lost Souls will air on 10th September - 2:15pm.

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Monday, 1 September 2008

Series 4 - Volume 4 DVD

The final part of series 4 is out on DVD from today!

There are no special features but will include an exclusive Davros top trump card, and the final 3 episodes of the 4th series:
  • Turn Left
  • The Stolen Earth
  • Journey's End

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