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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Doctor Who Minecraft! - Edited

For those who haven't heard of it, Minecraft is basically the best game ever. Even though I don't have it.. yet. It's a massive (three times Earth) sandbox game for you to build your own house, and kill skeletons and punch sheep. Well anyway, your character can have a customised look, and on this Skins website, there are quite a few to choose from, including several Doctor Who ones! Although it's not strictly Doctor Who, I still highly recommend the game. Thanks a lot to users phonik, onmizodd and an anonymous user for creating them!

There are also Futurama, SpongeBob, Star Wars, lots and lots of random ones and pretty much anything you can think of! Except for Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. And the proper game costs €9.95 (about £8.60).
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Edit - Aaand, just today another Doctor Who skin has been uploaded. This ones the 4th Doctor! 'lholladay' made this one.

Sarah Jane Adventures in SFX

Very much thanks to Life, Doctor Who and Combom for these scans of the Sarah Jane Adventures article in Novembers SFX Magazine, issue 201. It features interviews with Russell T Davies and Matt Smith on their story for series 4, Death of the Doctor, and some new images of the series! Click icon on the left to read more on the issue.

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

He's The Ghost of Christmas Past

A trailer for Autumn/Winter drama for the BBC is now showing, and features some Doctor Who clips of the Christmas Special. Watch below. The clips setting in Berlin, with Matt Smith are not from Doctor Who, as I made that mistake with my old icon for this post. Those clips are actually from 'Christopher and His Kind'.

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Creators of the Daleks

I don't normally post stuff like this but as I noticed it first hand, I felt like posting. Anyways, the American sitcom Better Off Ted (watch it, it's on FX) had an episode that featured an old discarded Dalek. The episode 'The Great Repression' had a scene in which Phil and Lem go to a collection of old, unused robots the company (Veridian Dynamics) has thrown away. In the background, there's a Dalek! A 2005-2009 one, sitting in the corner. Could Veridian be the front for organised universal domination for Davros?

Anyways, for those who can't be bothered reading all that. Here's a picture to sum up.

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The Nightmare Man Synopsis

The BBC Press Office has released the synopsis for the first story of series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Part 1 and Part 2 of The Nightmare Man will be on CBBC on the 11th and 12th of October, at 5:15pm - 5:45pm.

Part 1:

Sarah Jane Smith and her gang of trusty sidekicks return with more alien-busting adventures in the fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Featuring the usual mixture of thrills, laughs and scares the new series promises fun with enemies old and new, including the terrors of the Nightmare Man and a dangerous journey back into history. The show also takes its first visit to an alien world and tackles brand new vulture aliens the Shansheeth.

The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) makes a guest appearance in two special episodes which unite Sarah Jane, with another of the Doctor's former companions, Jo Grant (Katy Manning), in the mysteriously entitled Death Of The Doctor written by Russell T Davies. Additional guest stars include: Laila Rouass, Cheryl Campbell, David Bradley, Julie Graham and Lucie Jones.

In the first two-part adventure, The Nightmare Man, Sarah Jane's adopted son, Luke, faces life-changing events and Bannerman Road will never be the same again when he has his first nightmare and is haunted by a dark figure from his dreams. A strange entity is reaching out to our world, with terrible consequences for the whole human race.

The Sarah Jane Adventures is executive produced by Russell T Davies and Nikki Wilson, and produced by Brian Minchin. Writers on the fourth series include Phil Ford (also co-producer), Joseph Lidster, Rupert Laight, Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman.

This opening episode will be repeated on BBC One on Wednesday 13 October at 4.30pm.

Elisabeth Sladen returns as Sarah Jane Smith, alongside Tommy Knight as Luke, Daniel Anthony as Clyde and Anjil Mohindra as Rani, Julian Bleach plays the Nightmare Man.

Part 2:

With Luke, Clyde and Rani trapped in a bizarre dreamscape, Sarah Jane must fight alone in the concluding part of the first story in the fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

As the Nightmare Man grows stronger, only K9 might hold the key, but can Luke summon the courage to face his adult life before the whole world becomes trapped in an endless nightmare?

This episode will be shown again on BBC One on Thursday 14 October at 4.30pm.

Luke is played by Tommy Knight, Clyde by Daniel Anthony, Rani by Anjil Mohindra, Sarah Jane by Elisabeth Sladen and the Nightmare Man by Julian Bleach.

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Series 5 Soundtrack

Silva Screen have released information about the soundtrack for Doctor Who, Series 5. It is due to be released on the 8th November. All music on this soundtrack has been written by Murray Gold and Conducted by Ben Foster.

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 Teaser

A pretty cool new teaser trailer is now showing for the next series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. It starts on Monday 11th October with part 1 of The Nightmare Man.

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Friday, 24 September 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 More Promotional Pictures

More promotional pictures for the next series of Sarah Jane Adventures has been released, which starts next month, with part 1 of The Nightmare Man on 11th of October, with part 2 on the following day. Thanks to Blogtor Who, and Digital Spy for the images!! The device thingy is apparently a "Slitheen Bomb"

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Doctor Who Casting - Suranne Jones

The BBC has revealed that Suranne Jones, who previously played Mona Lisa in the last series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, will star in an episode of series 6 of Doctor Who, written by Neil Gaiman. Filming for the episode started today(Friday) and she plays 'Idris'. Click here.

Suranne is marvellous. She's beautiful, funny and strange. It's the kind of role that people will remember forever, so we needed someone who was able to pull that off, and to keep up with Matt Smith. And bite him. Suranne does all three."

Suranne revealed "As an actor, it's hugely exciting to be cast in Doctor Who. I'm a massive fan of the show and I was blown away when I read Neil's script and uncovered what's in store for my character".

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

National Television Awards Nominations '11

The nominations for the National Television Awards 2011 are now available to vote. Click here. Doctor Who has been nominated for the Drama categories. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were nominated for Drama Performance, as The Doctor and Amy Pond. Voting is open until Monday 11th October.

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Doctor Who Wins Best TV Programme

Doctor Who has been awarded Best TV programme at the British Fantasy Awards 2010. It won the award for the second year running, beating Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Lost and Torchwood: Children of Earth.

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The Adventure Games Recommissioned

The BBC has recommissioned for a new series of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, for 2011. The BBC’s head of multiplatform in vision Simon Nelson told MCV:

To date the first three Adventure Games have been downloaded over 1.6m times, with a fourth release due out later this year.

The new games will once again be produced by Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger, Beth Willis, along with Anwen Aspden and be developed by Sumo Digital. Screen stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillen will also return in digital form.

“Given the success of the first series, we'd be daft not to recomission,” BBC’s head of multiplatform in vision Simon Nelson stated.

“But it's not just about the numbers; the feedback we've had has been overwhelmingly positive. Our audience has been introduced to a new form of drama – and, for many, these have been the first computer games they have downloaded. We've set new standards in audience participation - and we think we've really helped push the concept of families actively playing together. I can't wait to see what the team does next.”

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Friday, 17 September 2010

Death of the Doctor Preview

The magazine show TMI, on CBBC showed a preview clip of 'Death of the Doctor' episode of the next series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Watch it below.

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Watch 'Death of the Doctor' on the Big Screen

The British Film Institute are giving a special screening of Death of the Doctor on Tuesday 12th October at 8pm at the NFT1 on London's South Bank. The press release also includes a short synopsis of the episode. Click here to read more, and here to book tickets. There will also be a panel discussion after the episode with Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Brian Minchin (Producer), Gary Russell (Script Editor) and Edward Russell (Brand Manager).

Sometimes being a Doctor Who fan doesn't seem fair. Why should children get to have CBBC, their own channel with the top rating show The Sarah Jane Adventures shown at weekday tea times. Well, as a special treat for those of you who have to work for a living, the BFI, CBBC and BBC Wales gives you the opportunity to come and bathe in the preview of a new Sarah Jane story but this time on the big screen, with a like minded audience and best of all, cast and crew in attendance. But this isn't just any SJA story. This is the story where she comes face to face with both the new Doctor (Matt Smith) and ex-companion Jo Grant (Katy Manning). It's too good to be true.

When the Doctor is declared dead, old companions Sarah Jane and Jo Grant meet for the very first time, and join forces to discover the truth. As an interstellar conspiracy gathers around UNIT HQ, Clyde finds that he holds the fate of the Time Lord in his hand - quite literally!

Taking part in a panel discussion after the screening will be Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Brian Minchin (Producer), Gary Russell (Script Editor) and Edward Russell (Brand Manager).

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Youngest Doctor - Guinness World Record

The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith started playing the role at 26, the youngest actor to be the Doctor, and for that.. and nothing else, he has won himself a new Guinness World Record. The 2011 edition of the book will feature a new spread of just Doctor Who records, with Longest Running Sci Fi series, Most Successful Sci Fi series, and also Longest Running Magazine Based on a Television Series for Doctor Who Magazine. The 2011 edition is out today for the RRP of £20.00.

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Doctor Who Magazine 426

The cover for Doctor Who Magazine, issue 426 has been released on Facebook. It costs £4.20 and will be out on Thursday 23rd September, after a week delay.

It features a look at the original Cybermen, a chance to win Doctor Who: Revisitations DVD, new Sarah Jane Adventures photos, a look at the 2011 series split, The Fact of Fiction, Production Notes, Gallifrey Guardian, Public Image, Galaxy Forum, Reviews, and more.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Series 6 Casting

Jamie Oram (Alphabet Kidz) has been revealed to be cast in series 6 of Doctor Who, in episode 4, which is also reported on Spotlight to be titled 'What are Little Boys Made of?'. He plays the role of Harry, a "troubled young boy who has a nervous disposition". The parents have also been revealed to be played by Emma Cunniffe and Daniel Mays.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Doctor Who: The Complete Series 5

The final cover for the Complete Series 5 DVD of Doctor Who has been released. It has a lenticular cover, which you can see below. The special features include commentaries of episodes 1, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 13, deleted scenes, video diaries, versions of Doctor Who Confidential and exclusively filmed scenes giving on happenings in the TARDIS between episodes are also included in the 6-disk set. It is due for release on 8th November 2010, at the RRP £69.99 for DVD and £79.99 for Blu-ray.

All thanks to Gallifrey News Base!

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Doctor Who Wins Best Family Drama on TV Choice

Doctor Who won 'Best Family Drama' in the TV Choice Awards 2010. It was held at Dorchester Hotel on Monday, hosted by Alexander Armstrong. Click here to see the results. It beat Merlin, Waterloo Road and Wild At Heart. In other categories, Torchwood: Children of Earth lost out to Ashes to Ashes in Best Drama Series, John Barrowman and Matt Smith lost out to Jack O'Connell in Best Actor and Karen Gillan lost out to Denise Welch in Best Actress.

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Doctor Who Proms Overnight Ratings

An hour of highlights of the Doctor Who Proms was shown on BBC Three yesterday at 8:30. You can watch it on iPlayer now, here. The programme was watched by the unofficial overnight figure of 0.52 million people, with a 2.2% share of television audience. The show was hosted by Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and with a guest appearance from Matt Smith. Music written by Murray Gold, and performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conducted by Ben Foster.

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Monday, 6 September 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 Promotional Pictures

The BBC has revealed 2 very similar promotional pictures for series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, which starts with The Nightmare Man on 11th October. The picture has the regular cast with a host of the series' villains. All thanks to Blogtor Who for the pictures.

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Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Waters of Mars Wins Hugo Award

The Doctor Who episode The Waters of Mars has won a 2010 Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. Below are the nominees. Click here to see the full list of winners. The awards are presented at AussieCon4, Click here to see all the nominations.

  • Doctor Who: "The Next Doctor" Written by Russell T Davies; Directed by Andy Goddard (BBC Wales) - Winner
  • Doctor Who: "Planet of the Dead" Written by Russell T Davies & Gareth Roberts; Directed by James Strong (BBC Wales)
  • Doctor Who: "The Waters of Mars" Written by Russell T Davies & Phil Ford; Directed by Graeme Harper (BBC Wales)
  • Dollhouse: "Epitaph 1" Story by Joss Whedon; Written by Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon; Directed by David Solomon (Mutant Enemy)
  • FlashForward: "No More Good Days" Written by Brannon Braga & David S. Goyer; Directed by David S. Goyer; based on the novel by Robert J. Sawyer (ABC)
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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 Preview!

The first trailer for series 4 of the Sarah Jane Adventures is now showing. Doesn't show an awful lot, but it's a start. Watch below!

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Jane Espenson Interview for Torchwood

Writer Jane Espenson has revealed on an interview from Blastr that she will be writing 3 of the 10 episodes for series 4 of Torchwood, and the name of a character, already announced in press has been changed. You can read the full interview here. Torchwood: The New World will air in Summer 2011.

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