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Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Time Traveller's Companion

Crucible 7 has released the cover and info on the latest expansion book of the Doctor Who: Adventures In Time and Space RPG, The Time Traveller's Companion. It's due to be released in June this year. Read more about the product, here, where you can pre-order it. Click here to read about each product of the RPG.

Time flies when you're having fun, but flying through time can present a whole host of problems. Whether accidentally creating paradoxes, upsetting the course of history or trying to Put Things Right, you're going to need to know your way around the Vortex. You need a guide…a companion.

This supplement for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space gives more information on Time Lords, temporal mechanics and time machines. It also takes an in-depth look at earth's important role in time and space, covering prehistory to the 51st Century - a vital aid for running historical campaigns at any time in earth's colourful history.

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

SFX Doctor Who 3D Cover!

The next issue 194 of sci-fi magazine SFX has a new exclusive image of Doctor Who series 5 in stunning 3D on the cover! It will be out on the 10th of March. Read the info from the SFX site below:

SFX194, on sale 10 March, is going to have a very special cover indeed – a specially commissioned, eye-popping 3D image of Matt Smith as Doctor Who, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond and a couple of Weeping Angels lurking about the place too. The animated gif here gives you an idea what to expect (just click on it to see what we mean), but you really need to see the real thing in all its glory when it hits the shelves in a couple of weeks' time.

The cover was created with the full association of the Doctor Who production team. SFX's art team popped down to Cardiff last month to conduct the exclusive photoshoot, to create an exciting image you'll see nowhere else. The issue also includes a massive nine-page feature on the new series of Doctor Who, including all-new interviews with Matt, Karen and Steven Moffat.

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Series 5 Trailer!

New Doctor Who trailer! Welcome, Matt and Karen!

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Friday, 19 February 2010

36th Annual Saturn Awards

The Nominations for the 36th Annual Saturn Awards has been revealed. It will be presented on June 24th in Burbank (USA), and there are several Doctor Who and Torchwood nominations. Click here to see the Saturn Awards website. Click here to read all the nominations from Collider.com.

  • Doctor Who: The End of Time (BBC America) - Best Television Presentation
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth (BBC America) - Best Television Presentation
  • David Tennant for Doctor Who: The End of Time (BBC America) - Best Actor in Television
  • Bernard Cribbins for Doctor Who: The End of Time (BBC America) - Best Guest Starring Role in Television
  • Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead (BBC America) - Best DVD Television Release
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth (BBC America) Best DVD Television Release
There are 33 categories altogether, with 8 categories for Television and 4 categories for DVD's.

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The Eleventh Hour Confirmed as 1 Hour

BBC Entertainment Correspondent Lizo Mzimba confirmed that the debut story of series 5 and Matt Smith, will be 1 hour long on his Twitter account. The Eleventh Hour is written by Steven Moffat, and will start the series, later this year.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Doctor Who Trailer in 3D

The BBC has commissioned a 40-second 3D promotional trailer for series 5. It is due to be on in cinemas before Alice in Wonderland. It is converted by the Soho Facility into 3D from the 2D version that will be on from this Saturday on BBC One.

Thanks to Vortex for the news.

*UPDATE* Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell said on Twitter that the Doctor Who trailer will be on BBC One at 6:30 pm, on Saturday.

*UPDATE* Lizo Mzimba, BBC Entertainment Correspondent said on his twitter account that the new Doctor Who trailer is on Saturday at 18.28ish on BBC One and 19.16ish on BBC HD.

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Blue Peter Design a TARDIS Console Winner

The winner of Blue Peter's 'design a TARDIS console' competition was revealed yesterday. The winner was chosen by Matt Smith, out of the top of each age group (6-7's, 8-10's and 11-12's), which was Susannah from Lancashire from the 11-12's group. You can see her design below:

The winner's design will be in an episode of Doctor Who and the 3 winners of each age group, will get a tour of the set.

Click here to read more about the competition.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Doctor Who Magazine 419

The cover for Doctor Who Magazine, issue 419 has been released on Facebook. It costs £4.20 and will be out on Thursday 4nd March.

It features a look at 1975's Pyramids of Mars in The Fact of Fiction, part 4 of comic strip The Crimson Hand, Whom The Gods Would Destroy, an interview with former script editor Donald Tosh, details on how to download a brand new audio story from the Companion Chronicles, Freakshow, Production Notes, Gallifrey Guardian, Public Image, Previews, Galaxy Forum, You Are Not Alone, The DWM Review and The Wheel of Fortune and Who On Earth It...

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New Series 5 Promo Pic

Digital Spy has posted a new promotional picture of series 5 of Doctor Who, here. It features The Doctor, Amy with various villains and the new vortex. Digital Spy also claims that a new trailer for it will be on BBC One this Saturday.
*UPDATE* The BBC official Doctor Who site has now posted the image too, available to download has a wallpaper, here. You can see it below:

Thanks to News Guy for the... news.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

K9 Episode Titles Update

All the titles of the first series of the Australian production of the Doctor Who spin-off K9 has been revealed on the Street and Wall Entertainment website's K9 page here. The first 13 had already been revealed, the final 13 has just been released. The pilot (Regeneration) aired in the UK on 31st October. The series has already begun in Central and Eastern Europe and Poland. It is due to air in the UK in early 2010.
  • 1. Regeneration (Part 1 of 2)
  • 2. Liberation (Part 2 of 2)
  • 3. The Korven
  • 4. The Bounty Hunter
  • 5. Sirens of Ceres
  • 6. Fear Itself
  • 7. Fall of the House of Gryffen
  • 8. Jaws of Orthrus
  • 9. Dreameaters
  • 10. The Curse of Anubis
  • 11. Oroborus
  • 12. Alien Avatar
  • 13. Aeolian
  • 14. The Last Oak Tree
  • 15. Black Hunger
  • 16. The Cambridge Spy
  • 17. Lost Library of UKKO
  • 18. Mutant Copper
  • 19. The Custodians
  • 20. Taphony and the Time Loop
  • 21. Robot Gladiators
  • 22. Mind Snap (part 1 of 5)
  • 23. Angel of the North (part 2 of 5)
  • 24. The Last Precinct (part 3 of 5)
  • 25. Hound of the Korven (part 4 of 5)
  • 26. The Eclipse of the Korven (part 5 of 5)
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Torchwood Magazine 20

The cover for Torchwood Magazine Issue 20 has been released by Titan on their Torchwood Magazine Facebook page, here. You can see the Torchwood Magazine's official site, within the Titan site, here. This issue includes exclusive interviews with James Moran, John Fay, and Russell T Davies, twenty-five pages of Torchwod fiction and gives readers the chance to create their own story and see it printed in a future issue, and the latest Torchwood news. It will be out this Thursday, 18th for £4.99.

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Broadcasting Press Guild Nominations

The Broadcasting Press Guild has released the nominations for the 36th Annual Awards. There are 11 categories, and there are various Doctor Who and Torchwood nominations.

Torchwood: Children of Earth has been nominated for 'Best Drama Series or Serial'.
David Tennant has been nominated for 'Best Actor' for his roles in Doctor Who and Hamlet.
Eve Myles has been nominated for 'Best Actress' for her roles in Torchwood and Framed.
Russell T Davies has been nominated for 'Best Writer' for Doctor Who and Torchwood.

You can read more about the awards here.

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Doctor Who Magazine Special: In Their Own Words

The next Doctor Who Magazine Special: In Their Own Words, Volume 6 (and last) features extracts from interviews from the magazines issues from 1997 - 2009. It has 116 pages and will published on Thursday 18th February, for £6.99 ($13.99 in the US).

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Silurians Confirmed for Series 5

Perthshireadvertiser.co.uk has confirmed that Neve McIntosh will be starring in series 5 of Doctor Who in a 2-part episode. Neve confirms that she plays one of the classic series monsters The Silurians. You can read the article here.

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Matthew Graham to Write for Series 6?

Den of Geek's interview with Matthew Graham, he says that there is a chance that he'll write an episode of Doctor Who for series 6. He wrote series 2's Fear Her.

"I'd love to come back. I went to see Piers Wenger and Steven Moffat last year about doing a two-parter for the series that they're shooting now. And I contacted them and said, ‘Look, I've got this idea for a Doctor Who. Can I talk to you?' And they were, ‘Yeah, yeah. Brilliant.' And I just couldn't make the time work, with going to the States and Ashes gearing up again. But I'd love to go back and do some more.

I want to do one with monsters. They owe me monsters!"

We then asked if he thought he was pencilled in for a series six story if he could make the time work. And here's what Matthew said:

"Yeah, yeah. I do actually. Piers has been really, really gracious and said that if you could come and do a Doctor Who for us, we'd really love to have you back. And I'd love to do it. It's a fantastic job. A very, very nerve-wracking job. But since I've had an even bigger, more scary franchise to get involved with for a bit. And now I've got my own to look after as well! It's a series of people handing me precious objects and saying don't drop them! "

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Monday, 8 February 2010

Peter Mckinstry Opens Site

Doctor Who conceptual designer Peter McKinstry has created a new website that features a lot of his work in recent years for Doctor Who, Torchwood, and a lot more. Visit it here, oh, and it is AMAZING!

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Watch: Alien Invasion Week

The channel Watch, Sky 109 and Virgin 124 is hosting an 'Alien Invasion Week' from midday Saturday 13th February. It will feature Doctor Who, Torchwood, Terminator 3 and Doctor Who: The Movie. Click here to read more.

Torchwood: Children of Earth will be shown from Monday 15th at 9pm - Friday.

Doctor Who repeats will be shown throughout the week.

The 1996 Doctor Who Movie will be shown on Thursday 18th February, 10.20pm.

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Neil Gaiman to Write For Series 6

Neil Gaiman, Doctor Who fan and Sci-Fi writer confirmed at the SFX Weekender yesterday that he'll be writing an episode of Doctor Who for series 6, during his acceptance speech for the award for Best Comic. Read more here.

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Saturday, 6 February 2010

End of Time Bar Scene

I was pretty bored, so I've got screencaps of the tribute to Star Wars cantina scene in The End of Time. Apparently, the bar was in a city called Zagizalgul, on the planet.. Zog. So, here we go...

New alien! I think. It looks so familiar, but I can't think of any other alien this may be based on.

A Slitheen! The Companions and story arcs will be brand new from series 5, do you think some of the RTD monsters will be too? Because otherwise the Slitheen has got to stay put.

Graske. The first time that Graske has actually been on Doctor Who properly. They were on the interactive episode Attack of the Graske, the BBC Proms special, Music of the Spheres and numerous SJA episodes.

An Adipose! Did he escape from the Adipose Mother-ship or something? Lost child! And that woman in white is new. Bit random..

Bubbly! Mr Hath. Nothing really to put here..

These guys were seen filming! But if they needed more monsters, the scene would have been better off with previous episode monsters like the Forest of Cheem or a Cat Person, colouring someone completely is just a terrible alien! Or even humanoid.

Judoon. Shouldn't he be on duty?

Who's this??? It looks like he's talking to the Judoon in a few shots, but he's new I think. And he doesn't remind me of anyone. And, in the background. Who is that??

Robot! The scene needs a robot in there. He looks amazing! Moffat has got to put him in his era. Who does he look like then? The Breen, from Star Trek?

As I said before. These two look like they're talking. Or not.

The.. guy! The barman. Looks human.

Hey, Doc.

Hey, Jack.

Little Graske again. On the bottom right.

Look who's back! Allons-y Alonso!

There's that Graske again! He really is cheeky.

he doesn't like salutes.

That alien in the middle! With the helmet. That's a new alien, I think. There's a couple of them walking around, always getting in front of the camera.

A Silurian! There, at the back. If you need to, here's what the classic series version was like. And it's that random woman in white.

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