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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Torchwood Graphic Novel

From a graphic novel called "Rift War", from Torchwood Magazine, Titan Books have created a new book for it, the story has been in Torchwood Magazine for 11 issues and concludes today from issue 13 of Torchwood Magazine, for £3.99.

“Rift War sees the team face an alien race led by the dread Sanctified, who have declared all-out war on humankind. Why? Because Torchwood, apparently, are to blame for a catastrophic future event, centered around the time and space spanning Rift, one that wipes out an entire civilization. Can it be?" description via Simon Furman. The Torchwood team brough to comics life by Ian Edginton, Paul Grist, Simon Furman and D'Israeli."


There are 128 pages and costs £9.99 for a paperback. It is due to be out by April 24th.

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Monday, 29 December 2008

Official Site Update

The official site has now been updated for the shortened version of the Doctor Who Prom due to air on BBC1 at 1:50pm on New Years Day. It is presented by Freema Agyeman, and Catherine Tate also makes an appearance. The show lasts until 2:50, then The Next Doctor will repeat afterwards. The special mini-episode, Music of the Spheres, featuring the mischievous Graske will also air within the show and all the music is written and composed by Doctor Who's head of music; Murray Gold. It will not be the full version, but for digital viewers, an uncut version is available through the red button.
The Doctor Who official site can be visited here.

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Many thanks to The Bad Wolf TV (Miss Gallifrey) for awarding Whoviavortex it's second award! The site came first (!) in the competition. Click here to view the other awards and here for the site home.

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Sunday, 28 December 2008

John Barowman Interview

The People has published an interview from John Barrowman and reveals some spoilers of series 3 of Torchwood. You can read an extract below;

"I love playing Captain Jack and if I could play him until I'm 90, I would. But I'd rather do a series of 10 or 13 episodes because it's a lot of work for just five. The next series is about Torchwood fighting the government rather than just aliens and is a lot darker. Jack has to make a decision no parent - that's a big hint - should have to make. But the show is also going to be toned down for America. We're not swearing or doing anything close to the bone because it's been a huge success in the US and the networks won't accept it with all that stuff in it."

You can read the full interview here.

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Friday, 26 December 2008

Doctor Who Magazine 404

Yesterday, the cover for issue 404 of Doctor Who Magazine was released on Facebook by the DWM editors. The Magazine will be out on January 9th for £3.99.

Issue 404 includes an exclusive interview with Dervla Kirwan, who plays Mercy Hartigan, a celebration of 30 years of Doctor Who Magazine/Weekly, a chance
to win The Next Doctor on DVD, a guide to 2009 with only 4 Doctor Who episodes, uncovering the 2nd Doctor story, The Mind Robber, more comic action and more of the usual Production Notes, Gallifrey Guardian, Galaxy Forum, The Time Team, You Are Not Alone, The Fact of Fiction and Who On Earth Are...

Also, I have just realized this is my 200th post.. doesn't this seem terrible! Posts on my site are quite slow compared to some other sites so they are always racing ahead, but nevertheless, 200 posts is an achievement! Thanks everybody for visiting the site and heres to the next 200.. although it makes more sense to rasie my glass to the next 100 instead.. whatever.

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The Next Doctor - Overnight Ratings

Yesterday, the lastest Doctor Who episode, The Next Doctor aired on BBC1 at 6:00. The episode had an overnight rating of 11.7 million! This was a share of 50.5% of television audience. It had the 3rd highest rating of Christmas Day, behind Wallace and Gromit and an episode of EastEnders.

Also, at the end of the episode, the title for the next episode was revealed as "Planet of the Dead"! It is due to air next Easter and filming will start on January 19th. It will feature UNIT, and characters called Malcolm and Christina.

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Official Advent Calendar, Christmas Day!

It's Christmas! Well, it was yesterday, anyway a video called The Story of Donna Noble was on the official site for the last day on the Christmas countdown, which explaines Donna's Story in 90 seconds, well 12 seconds of introduction and a couple of seconds for an.. epilogue. You can watch the video here.

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Official Advent Calendar, Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve! Wow, hasn't this year gone so fast, it sees as though each year gets faster and faster. So, for day 24 of the BBC official sites Adventure Calendar, Velile Tshabalala who plays new companion Rosita in The Next Doctor has a Christmas message. You can watch the video here.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Official Advent Calendar, Day 23

With only 2 days to go, the jigsaw puzzle for The Next Doctor has been put up. You can view the jigsaw picture below, and instead of a script extract, the official site has a scene from the upcoming episode. The scene, slightly disappointingly, is not a "never-seen before exclusive!!", it's just part of the 2 minute preview from the Children In Need earlier this year. You can watch the scene here, try out the jigsaw puzzle here, and you can visit the previous jiggery-pokery from earlier this month... oh sorry, here!

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BBC Breakfast - Exclusive Clips

This morning, 2 exclusive clips were shown on BBC Breakfast. Lizo Mzimba was behind the scenes on The Next Doctor, and had a chat with both the Davids. You can watch it below.

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Monday, 22 December 2008


Whoviavortex has been given an award from Toys-Doctor Who World Awards for The Most Page Blog, and thanks so much for the award! Click >>here<< for the awards to other sites.

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Merry Christmas!

I just want to use this space time to wish all you Whovians out there to have a Who-filled Christmas, and a brilliant new year. I hope you get everything you wanted out from under your tree, eat a lovely Christmas dinner and PARTAY all night(!), and remember to tune in at 6:00 on BBC1 for the extra-special Christmas Special - The Next Doctor.
Whoviavortex will stop posting and updating at Christmas Day but i might (MIGHT) leave this site with some treats.
As you may of noticed, I have changed my post layout with the old "avatar on the side".. I just thought it looked alot better that way.

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Official Advent Calendar, Day 22

Day 22 of the Christmas Countdown has a 1 minute (and 3 second) Podcast Teaser with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner talking about The Next Doctor.. and the Nimon. Listen to the Podcast here.

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Sunday, 21 December 2008

David Tennant Interview

On the 19th, avid Tennant was interviewed on The One Show which included an exclusive clip from The Next Doctor with the Doctor's swordfight with the Cybermen. Enjoy! Oh, and turn the volume down, it's really loud!

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Dervla Kirwan Interview

From the 19th, the Paul O'Grady show interviewed Dervla Kirwan, who plays Miss Hartigan. The interview includes a brand new special clip(!).. and Dervla's M&S voice.

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Official Advent Calendar, Day 21

The BBC have now treated us with a brilliant new scene from "The Next Doctor" for day 21 if the Christmas countdown. It features Dervla Kirwan as Miss Hartigan, Paul Kasey as the Cyberleader (with Nick Briggs as the vioce), and many other Cybermen. Click here to watch.

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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Toshiko Sato Figure

The upcoming Torchwood figure of Toshiko Sato, played by Naoko Mori has been released by Sci-Fi Collector. You can view the figure here. Tosh appeared in every episode of Torchwood but was recently killed off, with Owen in Exit Wounds. She was also a Doctor in Aliens of London who examined the Space Pig, and met the 9th Doctor. This figure is in wave 2 of the Torchwood figures along side Captain John Hart, Blowfish alien and Ianto Jones.

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Official Advent Calendar, Day 20

With only 5 days to go, the BBC official site has the new "The Next Doctor" guide up and running. It includes Videos, Wallpapers (Some new pictures!) and a Fear Forecast, which you can view here. Click here to visit the full guide.

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Digital Spy Spoilers

10 spoilers for The Next Doctor has been revealed by Digital Spy!...

1. The mysterious Cybershades can jump quite high.

2. Neither the Doctor nor the Other Doctor recognise each other. But the latter doesn't remember much anyway.

3. There are two words that the Doctor never refuses.

4. The Other Doctor has a TARDIS - and it's magnificent.

5. For a while Rosita becomes the Doctor's companion

6. The script includes the customary line "what about the children?"

7. At least one previous incarnation of the Doctor makes an appearance.

8. Miss Hartigan is a very special lady.

9. The Other Doctor's fobwatch is a very important clue.

10. "I suppose ** *** ***, **** ***** ** *****."

What do you think of these spoilers? Well whatever you think, thank Digital Spy for them.

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Friday, 19 December 2008

Official Advent Calendar, Day 19

Day 19 of the official sites Adventure Calendar is an excellent game called "Jobsworth Judoon" and the aim is to break all the security codes and free the TARDIS from the Judoon.

The Judoon have impounded the TARDIS! Can you help the Doctor break the security codes around the forcefield holding it and escape?

Click here to play the game, here for the full adventure calendar and here for the site home.

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These Are Not Avatars! They're Just Pictures

There are a few more pictures from The Next Doctor. Enjoy!

The Next Doctor will air on Christmas Day at 6pm on BBC1. It will be approximatley 1 hour. Doctor Who Confidential will be on BBC3 from 7pm to 8pm. Also, from 8pm-8:10pm, there will be another Doctor Who Confidential with the top 5 Christmas Moments.
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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Vortex Manipulator

Jack Harkness' Vortex Manipulator is becoming a toy on our very own wrists! The gadget has been with the Captain since "The Empty Child" from Series 1 to "The Parting of the Ways", then returned with Jack in "Utopia" to "Last of the Time Lords", which in the story, he uses to teleport himself, the Doctor and Martha back to Earth from Malcassairo, and most recently it appeared in the Series 4 finale one final time. Also, it has appeared in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood starring John Barrowman (Jack Harkness).

The toy from the picture available look fantastic and includes a Sonic Screwdriver, and also lights up blue.. both of them.

It is due to be out by 30th January for £14.99.

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The Next Doctor Promotional Pictures

2 new promotional pictures for The Next Doctor have been released. They are below

This scene look like a scene from the trailer shown for day 15 of the official sites Adventure Calendar. You can see the differences. The one above is the scene before it added the Cyberman's electric attack.

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Official Advent Calendar, Day 18

A trailer for the Doctor Who Prom, which was broadcast on Radio on 27th July earlier this year has been released for day 18 of The Next Doctor countdown. It will be on TV on January 1st (Thursday), New Year's Day at 1:50pm on BBC1. Here's the synopsis

Highlights of a family concert given at the Royal Albert Hall, featuring Murray Gold's celebrated music from the BBC's Doctor Who series, hosted by Freema Agyeman, with a guest appearance by Catherine Tate. The BBC Philharmonic and London Philharmonic Chorus, under the baton of Ben Foster, embark on a musical odyssey through time and space, accompanied by a specially filmed sequence starring David Tennant. The performance also brings the audience face to face with a host of monsters and aliens, including the Doctor's oldest enemies - the Cybermen and the Daleks.

Also, straight after a repeat of The Next Doctor will be shown, so you might want to stay tuned for that.

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