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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Official Advent Calendar - Day 2

Today, from the BBC Official site, the 2nd day of the Advent Calendar was uploaded, and it was an interview by Whovians to Doctor Who director Graeme Harper. You can read some of the questions here

Lewis: Comparing your excellent work on the classic series and your equally excellence in the new series, would you say you're the same director? Do you keep similar styles or is it completely different these days?

Graeme: Thank you for your very nice words. I think in 24 years I have changed and hopefully developed my style, if I have one! There are certain shots and ideas that, though effective when I used them, I have never used again since. Yet there are other techniques I use all the time. Also, I think all directors adapt their style of shooting depending on the subject they are dealing with and how that story needs to unfold.

Matt: I've noticed an interesting direction in the new series, with some episodes paying homage to other genres. What have been your biggest influences?

Graeme: My biggest influences are Martin Campbell, Sam Peckinpah, John Houston and John Ford, amongst several others. I am not sure about their styles creeping in - I would not presume I could even begin to use their ideas, but I guess we all unconsciously use ideas we have seen and turn them into our own thing.

You can read the whole thing here, which is actually 4 pages long.

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