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Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009 and some other stuff

Well, it's now 2009, and it has been for.. approximately 19 hours, 12 minutes and 33 seconds while I'm typing this. Hasn't it been quick? Did you stay up yesterday to watch the ball drop (I don't know what that means, but I think it's some American new year thing..)? Did you put up the new calendars? Why am I asking you all these questions?

Now it's 2009, Planet of the Dead doesn't seem too long away, then the next special, and the next, and the next, even if they are. And soon again, I will be copying this post and changing some dates for next years "2010 and some other stuff" post!

Soon, this site will have a Videos section with all the trailers and randomly interesting stuff from series 1-4, also I'll update the galleries and maybe the episode guides. If you haven't noticed, I'm currently adding air dates and amount of viewers to them (I only have Doctor Who series 1 & 4 done so far, it's nothing exiting, but you can check them out here. Seriously, it's actually quite boring). I hope by 2010 (if the site lasts that long), i will have at least 3 more sections for Whoviavortex. And I have a new banner.

Next thing, and possibly the last, I have an Easter Egg planted in this site! The prize is horrible but it's still fun. There are 4 prizes but they're all at the same place. Almost. Check the bottom of the main page first and I've just realized I've become alot less formal in these posts.

Maybe that wasn't the last thing but this is. Now I'm just trying to find something to say for that previous joke to work.. even though it's not really funny. OK then, news! That's what I'll do here. As previously reported.. oh, when did I go all formal again, anyway, as previously reported, there will be a new Doctor Who Confidential on Saturday called "The Ten Doctors" on BBC1 at 5:35pm to 6:10pm. It is produced by Zoe Rushton and narrated by Simon Pegg.

A look back at the ten previous incarnations of the Time Lord, their companions, most heroic moments and adventures, the monsters they have battled, as well as the particular traits which have defined each one of them

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