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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Mad Woman in the Attic Spoilers

Cameron K McEwan has posted some spoilers on Den of Geek about part 2 of the upcoming story of The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Mad Woman in the Attic, which will air this Friday at 4:35pm on BBC One. The first part will be shown on this Thursday, at the same channel and time. Major Spoilers ahead, highlight to read:
During part two of The Mad Woman In The Attic, we get treated to a flashback featuring the Third and Fourth Doctors as played by Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker respectively. The clips shown include The Time Warrior, Planet Of The Spiders, The Hand Of Fear and The Five Doctors. Not only that but we glimpse Sarah Jane's future too with the ominous phrase, "He is returning, he is coming back" and a clip of the TARDIS materialising in the Bannerman Road attic. Towards the end of the episode there's another flash forward (not the 'Next Time' I hasten to add) where we witness The Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant.

Not enough nostalgia for you? Well, that little robot mutt K9 is back too - this time for good (so they say). And looks like Mr Smith is none too pleased...

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Anonymous said...

I missed the first two-parter and so will be looking forward to this story :)

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