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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

500th Post!

Hello all! This is Whoviavortex' 500th post!! It's taken 626 days (March 3rd 2008) to get to 500 but I've finally reached it!! So.. with a bit of working, I've done on average of 0.798722144 posts a day. Not quite 1 but not too bad I suppose. Right, I've missed quite a few bits of news this week, but I'll post it all right here.

The Sarah Jane Adventures Viewing Figures

BARB has released the official ratings for The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith which aired on the 29th October and 30th October, both on BBC One at 4:35pm. Part 1 was watched by 1.59 million viewers, with 13% share of the total television audience. Part 2 was watched by 1.47 million, with 12% of the total television audience.

BARB has also released the unofficial overnight figures for part 1 of The Gift. It was watched by 0.8 million people and had an audience share of 6.2%. Official figures will be released in 2 weeks.

Children in Need 2009

Right now, Children in Need 2009 Telethon is being broadcast live, and showed the exclusive 2 minute clip of Doctor Who: The End of Time, part 1. I will post the video on here soon. It has been revealed that part 1 of the story will be called The End of Time, Part 1 and the second part will be called The End of Time, Part 2.

Dreamland Tomorrow!

The 6 part Doctor Who animation, Dreamland will start tomorrow! Episode 1 will be on the BBC's red button service and online. The rest of the series will continue daily.

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