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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Series 5, Volume 1 DVD and Blu-Ray

The cover arts and information for Volume 1 of the Doctor Who Series 5 DVD and Blu-Ray's. BBC Shop, Play.com and Amazon have listed the products and says it will be released on the 7th June, this year. The RRP for the DVD version is £15.99, and the RRP of the Blu-Ray version is £19.99. They features the first 3 episodes of Series 5, "The Eleventh Hour", "The Beast Below" and "Victory of the Daleks"

Volume 1 of the highly anticipated brand new series, contains the first 3 episodes, including the hour long premiere episode, and promises more adventures and travels through time, with the 11th Doctor and his new companion...

A special feature is The Monster Diaries

"Produced by the team behind BBC3's hugely popular Doctor Who Confidential series, the Monster Files will get under the skin and inside the minds of the latest Doctor's most challenging opponents. With previously unseen footage and exclusive comments from cast and crew, the Monster Files take fans old and new even further behind enemy lines."

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