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Monday, 2 August 2010

Airlock Alpha Portal Award Results

This years Airlock Alpha - Portal Award Results are now available, and there are a number of Doctor Who related winners! Click here and here to read more about the winners and nominees.

  • David Tennant won 'Best Actor/Television'
    with a massive 68% of votes, beating John Barrowman from 'Torchwood', Matthew Fox from 'Lost', Zachary Levi from 'Chuck' and Eddie McClintock from 'Warehouse 13'.
  • Bernard Cribbins won 'Best Supporting Actor/Television'
    with 59% of the votes, beating Robert Carlyle from 'Stargate: Universe', Enver Gjokaj from 'Dollhouse', John Noble from 'Fringe' and Terry O'Quinn from 'Lost'.
  • Doctor Who won 'Best Series/Television'
    with 65% of the votes, beating Torchwood, at second with 11%, and Fringe, Lost and Stargate: Universe.
  • Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper, Torchwood) won 'Best Actress/Television'
    with 38% of the votes, beating Karen Gillan (Amy Pond, Doctor Who) with 26% of the votes.
  • Doctor Who: The End of Time won 'Best Episode/Television'
    beating 'Smallville: Absolute Justice', 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' and Fringe: 'Over There'
  • Alex Kingston won 'Best Guest/Television'
    for her role as River Song in the 'Time of Angels', beating James Callis from 'Course Correction' episode of FlashForward, Felicia Day from 'Epitaph, Part 2' of Dollhouse, Leonard Nimoy from 'Over There' of Fringe and Michael Shanks from 'Absolute Justice' of Smallville.
  • Russell T Davies won 'Gene Roddenberry Award'
    for his work on Doctor Who, beating J.J. Abrams, Gene Coon, Ronald D. Moore and Peter Jackson.
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