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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What Have I Missed?

After a long gap of nothingness, here's some Doctor Who and Torchwood news that I have missed.

Doctor Who
  • Hugh Bonneville as 'Avery' and Lily Cole as a "mysterious creature that haunts a pirate ship" will star in the new series. Source - BBC.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Issue 431 released, for £4.50. Cover on DWM's Twitter.
  • David Walliams in next series of Doctor Who, as an alien.
  • Lee Ross as 'Boatswain' and Danny Sapani as 'Colonel Manton' in the next series of Doctor Who. Source - Digital Spy.
  • Matt Smith's series 5 beard was stuck on! Source - The Press Association.
  • Doctor Who didn't win anything at the National Television Awards! Shocking!

From Doctor Who Magazine, in Miracle Day.
  • Lena Kaur as 'Dr Alicia Patel'
  • Sanny Szam as 'Surveillance'
  • Daniel Adegboyega as 'Guard'
Writers and Directors for Miracle Day.
  • Episode One written by Russell T Davies, directed by Bharat Nalluri
  • Episode Two written by Doris Egan, directed by Bill Gierhart
  • Episode Three written by Jane Espenson
  • Episode Four's writer not announced
  • Episode Five written by Jane Espenson
  • Episode Six written by John Shiban
  • Episode Seven written by Jane Espenson
  • Episode Eight written by Jane Espenson, co-written by Ryan Scott
  • Episode Nine's writer not announced
  • Episode Ten by Russell T Davies
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