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Monday, 5 May 2008

Digital Spy and the Hath

Medium post.. these are the bubble-blowing Hath.

And the digital spy's spoilers for The Doctor's Daughter with 2 porkies.

The Doctor is "processed".
Donna refers to The Doctor's daughter Jenny as "GI Jane".
Martha falls into a bog.
The Doctor puts a gun to a man's head.
There is talk of a being called 'The Great One'. - False
The Hath are genetic descendants of a race known as the Haemovores.
Martha puts a fish's shoulder back in place.
The Doctor doesn't need a female to spawn a daughter - he is capable of doing it all on his own. Jenny tells The Doctor that she saw someone called Susan (probably the Doctor's granddaughter from the classic series) die in the Time War, which upsets him greatly. - False
After putting a stethoscope to Jenny's chest, The Doctor is surprised by what he hears. Possibly 2 hearts.
* Edited after episode

Well thats the end of this post - cya!

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