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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Too much news to title.. (edited)

Hi, loads of news today,

Firstly, the Daily Star have some unusual spoilers about the character River Song in the next episode. Highlight to read.
Archaeologist River Song is the Doctor's future wife.
When River first sees the Doctor, she cheekily calls him "Pretty Boy" before confiding in Donna: "We go way back. But he hasn't met me yet."

This information may not be true but according to the 2nd exclusive clip of the episode, it may well be true.

Doctor Who and Torchwood have been nominated for "Best Loved Drama Series" in the TVQuick and TVChoice awards 2008. David Tennant and John Barrowman are nominated for "Best Actor" for their roles as The Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness. Also, Catherine Tate and Eve Myles are in for "Best Actress" as Donna Noble and Gwen Cooper (from Torchwood). Lastly, in the "Best New Drama Series", Secret Diary Of A Call Girl is nominated with Billie Piper as Belle. Don't forget to vote here.

Next, Digital Spy have released the list of spoilers which any 2 could be false:

There is a Jeffery Archer continent in the Library.

Donna tells The Doctor that she "likes a bit of Hank Marvin" when he warns her about the shadows.

Data Ghosts are footprints on the beach - and the tide is coming in.

The Doctor rants against reading spoilers.

There are two sonic screwdrivers featured in this episode - and neither is any good at dealing with wood.

Psychic paper is used to contact The Doctor, in combination with a kiss (but not from Donna).

Donna flicks through a biography of Harriet Jones, but has to run away before she she reaches the final chapter (although viewers see its shocking title, unlike Donna).

A figure from The Doctor's future makes an appearance.

A Dalek's eye stalk is brought up by The Doctor out of nowhere.

Now, the final ratings for The Unicorn and The Wasp have been released. It had 8.41 million viewers. It was the 7th most watched of the week and 2nd most watched over the BBC.

Next, Doctor Who series 4 will broadcast on CBS and ABC in Canada and Australia.
In Australia, Voyage of the Damned will air on the 29th June with series 4 airing every next Sunday.
In Canada, the series will begin on the 19th September and will continue weekly after on Fridays at 9pm.

Very lastly, Airfix will release a new "Dalek Encounter" kit. It will contain 2 Daleks up to 14cm tall. 1 of the Daleks will be able to open to reveal the Dalek mutant inside.
It will be released on June 30th.

That's everything,

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CybermanSmith said...

COOL! I can not wait till Midnight, looks scary.

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