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Friday, 6 June 2008

Digital Spy Spoiler for Episode 9

Hi again, i habv the new Digital Spy spoilers for Forest of the Dead, the 2nd part of the Steven Moffat 2-parter. 2 of these are false. Guess which!

River Song sometimes shows The Doctor a little respect and asks him about erasure.

The Shadows have a proper vocalist that's not Cliff Richard.

Doctor Moon challenges someone to a game of chess on which millions of lives depend.

The Shadows take hold of River Song's diary and coerce The Doctor into using a gun because of what they discover.

A Gareth Gates-style affliction prevents Cupid from firing his arrow.

River Song tells The Doctor that he is not The Doctor.

The little girl destroys every idiot's lantern to prevent the shadows seeping into present day Earth.

A familiar female face from the past returns to give Donna some advice.

Donna ties a very important knot.

The Doctor is stunned by something River Song whispers in his ear.

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