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Monday, 9 June 2008

Midnight Spoilers

I have the list of spoiler for Midnight. Like last time, 2 of these are porkies..

A sinister shadow poses a threat to the Crusader 50 vessel, according to a crew member.

Betty Boop is seen doing the do in front of The Doctor.

A Professor is carrying a hidden bomb strapped under his jumper along with a unique ultimatum.

The Doctor toasts the Lost Moon of Poosh.

It's Election Day on the planet Midnight, prompting the Doctor to discuss Arcadia.

Rose Tyler trades places with a pop singer.

Fans of a certain French phrase will be happy.

The Doctor tries to force a pi into the mouth of an alien.

One of the characters tells the Time Lord: "Oh Doctor, you're so handsome." He agrees.

A famous poem by Christina Rossetti is analysed by The Doctor and one other character, in reference to ongoing events.

What do you think they are?

Thats all for now..
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