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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday to Doctor Who!!

Tomorrow, Sunday 23rd November, is the 45th anniversary for Doctor Who!

The show started in 1963, Saturday 23rd Nov at 5:15pm when the Doctor took his granddaughter Susan Foreman and her teachers Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton to 100,000 BC in his mysterious time machine called the TARDIS.

The show continued for 33 years ending with a TV Movie in 1996, then Russell T Davies bought back the heroic Time Lord in 2005 with "Rose", but the one thing that hasn't changed since the start, is it's popularity, and i'm sure that there will be millions of Whovians wishing the show a very happy birthday and a monster-filled future (and past)!

Whoviavortex will be celebrating the shows birthday with a new Whoviavortextra-45 years page, filled with many many games to play. Just head over there now here, and have fun!

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