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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Torchwood Casting News

From the latest issue of Torchwood Magazine, some actors who will be starring has been revealed. First of all, Dalek voice Nick Briggs will appear in Torchwood, Nicholas Farrell is playing Brian Green, Katy Wix and Rhodri Lewis will play Rhiannon and Johnny, Ian Gelder as Mr Dekker, Charles Abomeli as Colonel Oduya, and Hilary Maclean as Anna. Others include Scott Bailey, Melanie Barker, Crisian Emanuel, Patrice Ettienne, Rachel Ferjani, Phylip Harries, Ashley Hunt, Christopher James and Anna Lawson (Their roles are not yet revealed).
Previously revealed actors/actresses area as follows; Peter Capaldi will play John Frobisher, "a civil servant who is hiding a terrible secret", Paul Copley from the Big Finish Doctor Who audio Spare Parts, will be playing Clem "the survivor still haunted by his past", Liz May Brice plays Johnson -"cynical covert government agent determined to expose Torchwood."
Torchwood Magazine was out last Thursday for £3.99.
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