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Monday, 13 July 2009

Doctor Who Storybook Annual 2010

The official cover and details for the Doctor Who Storybook annual 2010 has been released. The cover features an exclusive artwork of the 10th Doctor by Alister Pearson. It will feature 8 exclusive stories and artwork. You can read the synopsis below:

Join the Tenth Doctor and his trusty TARDIS as they travel to previously unexplored times and places in this new collection of stories, packed with frights and fun – and all lavishly illustrated in full colour!

The Time Lord faces up to a shapeless horror in a Victorian orphanage, meets sentient doors from another dimension, re-encounters the gaseous Gelth on a reality TV show, journeys to the Australian outback to investigate mysterious objects falling from the sky, travels to the end of the rainbow – quite literally! – and battles Vikings. A lot of Vikings...

The stories titles and writers are:
  • Total Eclipse of The Heart by Oli Smith
  • The End of the Rainbow by Jacqueline Rayner
  • Scared Stiff by Mark Gatiss
  • Space Vikings! by Jonathan Morris
  • Bennelong Point by Keith Temple
  • The Shape on the Chair by Matt Jones
  • Knock Knock! by Paul Magrs
  • The Haldenmor Fugue by James Moran

And a letter from the Doctor by Russell T Davies.

Panini Books will release the 2010 Doctor Who Storybook in hardback on the 31st August for the RPP of £7.99 in the UK and Ireland with 80 pages.

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