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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Series 5 Filming Images - SPOILERS

Filming for series 5 of Doctor Who recently began, and already many images of filming scenes have been taken. These scenes have been filmed on a beach in Southerndown, Wales, where they filmed the Bad Wolf Bay scenes. They all include spoilers for the series.

First, the Tardis looks different. It appears as though the Doctor Who crew has re-made the Tardis exterior, and now looks.. very new.. but very old.. It has St. John's Ambulance logo on the right door, like it had in some of the classic series. There has been rumours that the interior may be completely new too. You can see some of the images below.

Next, more images have revealed that Alex Kingston has returned as River Song, from series 4's Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. You can see them below

Next next, another image of Matt Smith has been released, but with what appears to be a Sonic Screwdriver, a new Sonic Screwdriver. Again, it has been re designed. You can see the image below.

Holy Moly have released 12 new photo's. Some of them, I may have some used as examples above. You can see them here.

A new video has been uploaded on the BBC website. You can watch the video below.

Thanks to the BBC, Scooty, Big Pictures Photo (From the Daily Mail), The London Paper, SFX, Holy Moly and Blogtor Who.

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