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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

SJA Series 4 Confirmed

Russell T Davies confirmed the next series of The Sarah Jane Adventures The Radio Documentary about Doctor Who, "Who on Who?" which broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday. The series is in pre-production and is expected to air in Autumn. You can listen to Who on Who? on iPlayer, here (available until next Tuesday).

Thanks to Vortex for the news.

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Square Eyes said...

Im glad but they need more monsters that arnet so "human" like erasmus darkening, the berserker and that star sign guy. also no more doctor who monsters like the judoon and slitheen because they lose there coolness from popping up all the time.Phew thats it i hope RTD is reading

Patar said...

lol yeah, and the Blathereen too! They need new stuff for series 4.

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