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Thursday, 29 April 2010

DWM 421 - Series 5 News

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, issue 421 is out today, and reveals more information about the next few episodes of Doctor Who, read them below:

6. The Vampires of Venice

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory on a romantic date to sixteenth-century Venice- but, much to poor Rory's horror, things go off the rails the moment they arrive. The mysterious Calvierri family are running a sinister school for girls, from which no-one escapes unchanged. Rosanna Calvierri's students have fangs, they can't be seen in mirrors, and they drink humans dry. But even they aren't the worst things stalking the city...

7. Amy's Choice

It's five years since Amy and Rory travelled with the Doctor. They're back living in Leadworth, and Amy is pregnant. Rory has grown a ponytail. Life is good, if a little humdrum. Until the Doctor drops by for a visit.
And then they wake up. In the TARDIS, the Doctor, Amy and Rory have had exactly the same dream. But the TARDIS has died, and it's drifting towards a cold star- just 14 minutes till impact! If they don't freeze to death.
And then they wake up. Two worlds: one in the time machine, one in the village that time forgot. One real, the other fake. "You're home. You're also dreaming. Trouble is, Rory, Amy... which is which?" Their lives depend on making the right choice. But time is running out...

8/9. The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

Over in the tiny, remote hamlet of Cwmtaff, human science is again being bold, pushing the boundaries and asking for trouble. The Discovery Drilling Project- or as the technically minded Doctor calls it, "a Big Mining Thing"- has burrowed 21km into the Earth, deeper than ever before. However, as Discovery boss Nasreen Choudry and her project manger/unrequited love, Tony Mack celebrate, an ancient race launch pre-emptive strikes, from way further beneath their feet than 21km. People, alive and dead, start to vanish. The Doctor, Amy and Rory face the ultimate uprising...

10. Vincent and the Doctor - guest stars Morgan Overton and Andrew Byrne as Students 1 and 2, Nik Howden as Maurice, Sarah Counsell as Waitress and Chrissie Cotterill as Mother.

11. Title TBC - guest stars James Corden, Daisy Haggard as Sophie, Darrell Heath as Avatar Man, Owen Donovan as Steve, Babatunde Aleshe as Sean, Jem Wall as Michael, Karen Seacombe as Sandra, and Kamara Bacchus as a Clubber.

Doctor Who Magazine, issue 421 is out now, for £4.20.

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