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Monday, 26 April 2010

Doctor Who Magazine 421

The cover for Doctor Who Magazine, issue 421 has been released on Facebook. It costs £4.20 and will be out on Thursday 29th April.

It features previews of Vampire's in Venice, Amy's Choice, and episode 8, apparently called "The Hungry Earth" from the cover, an interview with Alex Kingston, a peek at behind the scenes of Victory of the Daleks with an interview with the cast and crew, The 11th Doctor and Amy Pond's comic strip début in part 1 of "Supernature", The Watcher's Guide to the new TARDIS, The Fact of Fiction look at The Happiness Patrol, and Steven Moffat's Production Notes, Gallifrey Guardian, Galaxy Forum, You Are Not Alone, Reviews and The Wheel of Fortune.

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adam towers said...

Well i got one dwmag in 2007 but then gave up, i bought one yesterday and was very impressed. This saturday I'll buy one and depending if it's as good as the one prior ill subscribe and collect

Patar said...

I did't get it in 2007, i didn't even know it existed lol, i just knew about doctor who adventures. doctor who magazine is brilliant though :D

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