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Sunday, 19 December 2010

SFX A Christmas Carol Teasers

SFX has released 20 teasers for the next Doctor Who, airing this Christmas. Click here to read more.

  1. The episode is a tour de force for Matt Smith. Amy and Rory are pretty much sidelined as Smith explodes like a force of nature from the screen. He is magnificent
  2. It’s fantasy, through and through. It’s a Christmas whimsy that pays mere lip service to science fiction. This is Moffat’s vision of the show as a dark fairy tale taken further than ever before. We’re predicting some people will have a problem with this. Your enjoyment may be in relation to your ability to suspend disbelief
  3. Two articles of clothing from the Doctor’s past make cameo appearances
  4. There’s an unexpected continuity reference to the Tom Baker story “Pyramids Of Mars”
  5. The Doctor is asked for some advice that he cannot give
  6. The Doctor gets married
  7. Katherine can act. You might be worried about a singer who’s never acted before taking on such a major role, but she’s really very good.
  8. There are more witty, quotable lines per minute than ever before
  9. Some of the FX are outstanding, but a couple are, well, shall we just say… over-ambitious
  10. The production design is stunning
  11. It’s not the most action-packed of Christmas special. There are some great, exciting set pieces, but mostly it’s a character piece
  12. Michael Gambon is, of course, amazing.
  13. The names in the opening titles are all Christmas-ed up
  14. It’s fish and ships for Christmas!
  15. It’s very, very, very Christmassy, and quite emotional
  16. There’s a trailer for next season at the end (roll over for spoilery info:the Utah shoot looks incredible, we think we spotted an Ood, and there is a mention of Jammy Dodgers!)
  17. Two of the Doctor’s trusted aides aren't quite so reliable
  18. Parents may hope that children won’t ask them to explain one gag
  19. The final shot would make a good Christmas card
  20. The Doctor has one major costume change (other than ones involving putting Father Christmas hats)
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