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Thursday, 2 April 2009

2009 Special's News

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 407 includes some news about Planet of the Dead and the later 2009 specials.

Russell T Davies said that there will be a short trail for the next special, after Planet of the Dead and that from then, the stories will darken for the 10th Doctor's end.
Next, on Production Notes, he said the last letter for the 10th Doctor's final episode is "n."...

Also, some guests who will appear in the episode include: Lindsay Duncan as the Doctor's companion, Adelaide, Peter O'Brien, Chook Sibtain, Alan Ruscoe, Sharon Duncan Brewster, Aleksandar Mikic, Gemma Chan, Cosima Shaw and Michael Goldsmith.

Back to Planet of the Dead, some characters from the bus are called.. Nathan, Angelina, Carmen and Lou.
Christina: "The Lordship of yours... the Lord of where, exactly?"
The Doctor: "Of Time. I come from a race of people called Time Lords."
Christina: "Your an alien? You look Human."
The Doctor: "You look Time Lord."

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