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Friday, 10 April 2009

James Strong, Digital Spy Interview

A couple of days ago, James Strong, the director of Planet of the Dead (as well as many other episodes) was interviewed by Neil Wilkes, from Digital Spy. The interview reveales some key parts of Planet of the Dead. You can read some below;

What's the story of Planet of the Dead?

"Well I'm not allowed to give away everything, as you can imagine, but basically it's a modern day story and the Doctor encounters the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza (Michelle Ryan) who is halfway through a robbery, basically. The Doctor is simultaneously tracking a wormhole which may or may not be threatening the Earth and basically they are - by various means - transported through this wormhole into another planet. So then it's working out what's happening and whether they can get back or not."

What sort of place was Dubai like to film in and why did you pick Dubai?

"We were looking for a desert really, pure and simple. Somewhere we could be completely surrounded by sand and sand dunes and have that feel of a real desert. We looked at Morocco and Tunisia and determined what was the cheapest option and what was the most efficient option to get our bus to and would be the quickest in terms of time. It really does look beautiful, stunning. It's also a desert that I bizarrely feel like I've not seen before so it looks like an alien planet, which is great."

This was your final episode with David – was it a sad occasion?

"Well it was sad and not sad really. It was only really on the last day we were like 'oh I wonder if this is our last time together'. Then the way filming ends – it ends but then there's ADR and then there's pickups. Also who knows, I might be needed to do little bits and bobs, and there's a promo that I'm doing later with them. So it was hard to know when the last day was with David – and I'll be working with David a lot in the future, and Russell and Julie as well."

You can read the whole interview here.

Planet of the Dead will air tommorow, on BBC1 at 6:45.

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