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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Photo's From Filming (and 300th Post)

John Barrowman, Jimmy Vee as Graske, a Slitheen, Monks, a Mysterious woman, which I think could be the Rani, 2 mysterious people, one completely white and one completely red, the CGI crew so maybe there will be CGI aliens, and Russell Tovey, who played Midshipman Frame from 2007's Voyage of the Damned. Filming took place in Cardiff. You can see them from the filming photo's, from Scooty's Photobucket, here and Alun vega's Flickr, here. Earlier, filming also took place at Caerphily Castle. Danny Hargreaves was there with a green screen.. you can see some of the castle pictures here, on ahremsee's Photobucket. Next, before that, Christmas decorations went up at The Hayes and the surrounding streets, and some filming in Penarth at the same time. It looks as though the Henriks store will return with a "Christmas @ Henriks" sign. If you don't remember, Henriks was the store that Rose worked in before she met the Doctor. You can see a few of the photo's below, and there are many more from the links. Many thanks to Scooty, Alun Vega and ahremsee for them.

plea- oh, and i'll try to post more filming pictures regularly..

It also occured to me about 20 minutes after i posted this, that this is my 300th post for Whoviavortex! Hooray to this site, ect ect. Party time..

oh, and..
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