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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 Air Dates

Issue 413 of Doctor Who Magazine has revealed the air dates for series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The series is in a new format, instead of a new episode ever week, they'll have 2 every week, meaning the series will take 6 weeks to broadcast, as opposed to the usual 12. You can read the schedule below:
  • Prisoner of the Judoon (Part 1) - October 15th
  • Prisoner of the Judoon (Part 2) - October 16th
  • The Mad Woman in the Attic (Part 1) - October 22nd
  • The Mad Woman in the Attic (Part 2) - October 23rd
  • The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Part 1) - October 29th
  • The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Part 2) - October 30th
  • The Eternity Trap (Part 1) - November 5th
  • The Eternity Trap (Part 2) - November 6th
  • Mona Lisa's Revenge (Part 1) - November 12th
  • Mona Lisa's Revenge (Part 2) - November 13th
  • The Gift (Part 1) - November 19th
  • The Gift (Part 2) - November 30th
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