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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

K9 Episode Titles Update

All the titles of the first series of the Australian production of the Doctor Who spin-off K9 has been revealed on the Street and Wall Entertainment website's K9 page here. The first 13 had already been revealed, the final 13 has just been released. The pilot (Regeneration) aired in the UK on 31st October. The series has already begun in Central and Eastern Europe and Poland. It is due to air in the UK in early 2010.
  • 1. Regeneration (Part 1 of 2)
  • 2. Liberation (Part 2 of 2)
  • 3. The Korven
  • 4. The Bounty Hunter
  • 5. Sirens of Ceres
  • 6. Fear Itself
  • 7. Fall of the House of Gryffen
  • 8. Jaws of Orthrus
  • 9. Dreameaters
  • 10. The Curse of Anubis
  • 11. Oroborus
  • 12. Alien Avatar
  • 13. Aeolian
  • 14. The Last Oak Tree
  • 15. Black Hunger
  • 16. The Cambridge Spy
  • 17. Lost Library of UKKO
  • 18. Mutant Copper
  • 19. The Custodians
  • 20. Taphony and the Time Loop
  • 21. Robot Gladiators
  • 22. Mind Snap (part 1 of 5)
  • 23. Angel of the North (part 2 of 5)
  • 24. The Last Precinct (part 3 of 5)
  • 25. Hound of the Korven (part 4 of 5)
  • 26. The Eclipse of the Korven (part 5 of 5)
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Anonymous said...

This appears to have different episode titles to the Australian airings. In Aus, ep. 4 is the last oak tree, not 14 as described here. Also, a number of the episodes seem to be renamed.

Patar said...

Well i got that info on the Wall Street Entertainment website, maybe they switched some episodes around. See the official K9 site at http://www.k9official.com/episodes.html that has the episode list.

Anonymous said...

where can you watch all the K-9 eps i cant seem to find them anywhere!!!!!!!!!!

Patar said...

The next episode, episode 20- Taphony and the Time Loop will be on Saturday 24th, on Disney XD. I can tell you the official time of it tomorrow, keep watching this post. There will be a repeat of an episode tomorrow at 6:00, same channel.

Patar said...

It looks like it's not actually going to be on tomorrow, each source has a different schedule for Disney XD, but in the circumstances, Sky should be the most accurate, and it says that there won't be any episode within the next week.

Patar said...
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