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Saturday, 6 February 2010

End of Time Bar Scene

I was pretty bored, so I've got screencaps of the tribute to Star Wars cantina scene in The End of Time. Apparently, the bar was in a city called Zagizalgul, on the planet.. Zog. So, here we go...

New alien! I think. It looks so familiar, but I can't think of any other alien this may be based on.

A Slitheen! The Companions and story arcs will be brand new from series 5, do you think some of the RTD monsters will be too? Because otherwise the Slitheen has got to stay put.

Graske. The first time that Graske has actually been on Doctor Who properly. They were on the interactive episode Attack of the Graske, the BBC Proms special, Music of the Spheres and numerous SJA episodes.

An Adipose! Did he escape from the Adipose Mother-ship or something? Lost child! And that woman in white is new. Bit random..

Bubbly! Mr Hath. Nothing really to put here..

These guys were seen filming! But if they needed more monsters, the scene would have been better off with previous episode monsters like the Forest of Cheem or a Cat Person, colouring someone completely is just a terrible alien! Or even humanoid.

Judoon. Shouldn't he be on duty?

Who's this??? It looks like he's talking to the Judoon in a few shots, but he's new I think. And he doesn't remind me of anyone. And, in the background. Who is that??

Robot! The scene needs a robot in there. He looks amazing! Moffat has got to put him in his era. Who does he look like then? The Breen, from Star Trek?

As I said before. These two look like they're talking. Or not.

The.. guy! The barman. Looks human.

Hey, Doc.

Hey, Jack.

Little Graske again. On the bottom right.

Look who's back! Allons-y Alonso!

There's that Graske again! He really is cheeky.

he doesn't like salutes.

That alien in the middle! With the helmet. That's a new alien, I think. There's a couple of them walking around, always getting in front of the camera.

A Silurian! There, at the back. If you need to, here's what the classic series version was like. And it's that random woman in white.

So... please comment


Jakeissocoollike!! said...

The first one, (the one behind the computer) looks like the moxx of ballhoon!!

Patar said...

oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

I think the woman in white is meant as an additional Star Wars reference, as her outfit is similar to Leia's in her first appearance.

Maybe the red and white people aren't meant to be aliens, maybe that's just the latest fashion trend or some other cultural phenomena for future humans.

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